Marisa Bautista


So flashback 12 years ago 2004. My mother is diagnosed with breast cancer. Shock and more shock. We were stationed at the time in Ingleside, Texas 3 kids. Close to home San Antonio so I felt better. Jump 3 years 2007, her cancer came back. Inflammatory!!! What is that? We were stationed in Mayport, Florida. A little farther but still doable. 2009 add a kid. March 2010 the Lord took my mom. He needed her more than we did. 2011- 2015 moved to Groton Connecticut added 2 more kids. Current Day October 27th 2016 stationed in Mayport Florida again. Recently bought a house, husbands been 19 yrs in the Navy. Im so proud of him. September 20th 2016 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Mine, my 6 kids and my husbands lives are about to change. You know I feel like I had a great path paver in how to handle this. My mother was a Rock ,a Jewel she could not be brought down even in her last hours, she wanted to make sure I was not alone and that my husband could come home from overseas. He did and she left. Always making sure everyone was situated before herself. I have 6 children, Matthew is 16 and my right hand man. Noah is 13 and is my protector, Reuben is 10 and is my strength, Lovie my only girl is my Best Friend, Rey is my laughter and Henry is my Heart. Luis is my soul. Luis has been our only source of income for 19 years. I was planning on somethings to get ready for retirement but those will be backburnered until I beat this thing. So yes we have military insurance but that doesnt mean there are no extra expenses. In order for Luis to be home everyday and not taken for deployment he would lose Seapay, that my friends is a big chunk of money, for his time in. So he’s staying on the ship. We never know what memories we are NOT making when you are in a scramble to make them. We never really go out to eat. We never take “vacations” we never just get up and go and like I said it doesnt phase you until you realize your kids deserve more. My kids will grow up to know the compassion of people and what it means to help others. God is moving through my kids and my husband and I love it. I will beat this and I will forever hold everyone who has prayed or helped in my heart. I don’t use twitter but I wanted to be cool and use the pound sign.








Forever a Fighter

Marisa Bautista